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“Real food, no shots, and guaranteed results…. Count me in!”
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My name is David Sparkman but my friends call me "Sparky".

In February 2012, I was transferred to Atlanta Ga from Dallas Texas. I weighed close to 220 lbs and at that point, I was close to my ideal weight. Well, between living in a hotel for extended amount of time and focusing on the new job all I seemed to do was eat out, sleep and work! Before I knew it, I found myself buying clothes because nothing in my closet seemed to fit me anymore.

Well in May, I proposed to my girlfriend Brianne, and that's when it all hit me. "I don't want to look and feel like this on my wedding day". I had been listening to Parks talk about her weight loss successes with Quick Weight Loss Centers and thought, "Why not give it a shot?" I went by and listened to them talk about the Quick Weight Loss Program and I remember thinking to myself…

"Real food, no shots, and guaranteed results…. Count me in!"

Well, I made it to the wedding 25 pounds lighter than I was just a few months before. If you're currently struggling with your weight, I encourage you to visit your local Quick Weight Loss location. Just stop in for a Free consultation and see what they have to offer and how the program works, you'll be glad you did!

As with every weight loss effort, your individual result may vary.

*Check with your physician before beginning this, or any other weight loss program.

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