Tips from Scott Davis

As you are on this weight-loss "journey," (and it is a journey, so enjoy the ride), I thought I would give you a few tips I came up with that have helped me.

  1. Don't Swallow the Truth - That's right. Admit the fact that you struggle with food. Don't blame others. Take responsibility. It's so easy to swallow the truth and say something like, "well, I was born this way. My daddy was big, my mama was big, even my dog was big! So, I don't have a choice." YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Take responsibility, admit you struggle. Get with some friends to help keep you accountable and start the journey to a healthier YOU.
  2. The Half Circle of Life - Everyone has heard of the Circle of Life. To me, when dieting or just eating healthy, you should experience the half circle of life when you go grocery shopping. That's the process of entering your local grocery store and shopping just on the outer perimeter of the store and avoiding the middle. The middle contains most of the stuff you want to stay away from. The outside half circle of the store contains the fresh veggies, meats, eggs, and dairy. That is a cool key!
  3. Avoid the Lazy River - I love watching Krispy Kreme donuts being made. Especially that part where they float down what looks like the lazy river ride at the water park, except they replaced the water with oil. After they cook to a golden brown, they slide under that waterfall of icing! That's my fantasy… to go under that and be totally coated! But then you bring your dozen or two home. That's the no-no. Learn to keep that kinda stuff out of your home kitchen. Only stock your kitchen with healthy stuff. That will help keep the temptation at bay.
  4. Don't Eat the Wagon - As you are on your weight loss journey, there may be times when you "fall off the wagon." My addictive personality tells me when I mess up and eat badly ONCE that I will just start fresh tomorrow and get back on the wagon. But until tomorrow, I still have TODAY, so not only did I fall off the wagon, I ATE the wagon. I would tell myself, "I messed up and tomorrow I will do right, but I have till midnight tonight to eat whatever I want and I binge. It's much better not to do that.
  5. Don't Let Your But Get In The Way - Many times as I've sat with people telling them how I lost weight and what I ate, they would reply, "BUT what about pizza?" I would say no, that's not as healthy. I would continue with more details of my food choices and again they would interrupt with, "But what about ice cream?" I would say, no, that's not as healthy. "But what about…" You see where I'm going right? Too many of us allow our BUTS to get in the way! Don't look for loopholes during your weight loss journey. If we are all honest, we basically know what is right to eat, let's just stick with it!

Scott Davis

Comedian, Author, Speaker