The Relationship Between Obesity and Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are the biggest public health challenges of the 21st century. Excess fatty tissue and obesity are the most important risk factors for type II diabetes. Because obesity is an important risk factor for diabetes, it is an obvious target for preventive interventions. Being overweight/obese can impair your body's ability to maintain proper blood sugar levels. The body begins to overproduce insulin to regulate blood sugar levels and over time the body is no longer able to keep blood sugars in normal range. Insulin resistance and glucose intolerance that result from being overweight/obese can make medications used to treat diabetes less effective.

Complications of diabetes include heart and blood vessel disease, nerve damage (neuropathy), kidney damage (nephropathy), and eye damage (retinopathy).

Make lifestyle changes now for a healthier future! Reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. Focus on progress, not perfection. Work at your own pace - be consistent and keep up the changes. You will each your goal!